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Overall in 2013, Chen finished 7–7 with a 4.07 ERA in 23 starts.

During the 2013 off-season, Chen underwent knee surgery to remove bone spurs.

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I walked into the Law Office of this attorney without a notice or a call. And they seem to know every judge and paralegal working at the courts. You know, I am not going to write about who we are, how we met, how old we are, how wonderful are our yard-apes, or any other BS. Long, red hair, tiny frame, maybe B cups, probably A's. I think missionary, her arms around me as I first entered her would be awesome.

So, no specific topic for this night but rather more a friendly social round table of us introducing and sharing a little...

Satan wishes that he could be as mean as any one of them. Satan has to be a bit worried about being replaced. The stack of paperwork I left with included summons and complaints, stays of proceedings, separation documents, paternity documents, property settlement, no-fault and at fault divorce. Yet this guy was reaming her doggy style while she held it up for him, moaning. Our eldest, my son, age 24, comes around when he need money . Last year, while heading off to work at am, I found our youngest, Millie, naked and passed out in the living room.

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Chen pitched a season-high of eight strikeouts in a win against the Seattle Mariners on August 1, 2014.

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  1. Being the frugal DIYer that I am, I just couldn’t stomach paying someone to do this project for us, and I knew Ted was handy (and patient) enough to tackle a future remodel – so I waited it out.