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In British English, a milk float is a vehicle specifically designed for the delivery of fresh milk.Today, milk floats are usually battery electric vehicles (BEV), but they were formerly horse-drawn.Wisconsin heavy-duty air-cooled engines had a wide variety of uses, from industrial to agricultural, and most people remember these engines powering hay balers, water pumps and generators on farms.I first started collecting Wisconsin engines around 10 years ago, my first being an S7D, an engine that probably saw duty powering a garden tractor.Stationary engines enjoy a big following in Britain and America.One of the well-known brand names for stationary engines, Lister, manufactured these engines in Vereeniging at the turn of the century.VANDERBIJLPARK – The Vaal Triangle Campus of the North-West University (NWU) is renowned for its academic excellence, a scenic campus and an active involvement in the community, and one of these days also for an entry in the Guinness Book of Records.During the 2007 [email protected] event a successful attempt was made to set a new world record for the biggest number of stationary engines to run simultaneously for a specified time period.

According to Mr Mauritz Meyer, organiser of [email protected], these engines are a source of great pride to the collectors and enthusiasts alike and many hours are spent restoring these engines to their former glory.

As befits a Market town in the heart of an agricultural community, agriculture is very strongly represented.

Many farming hand tools of great diversity and purpose are on display.

That was only the start, and I went on to what most engine collectors look for, including hit-and-miss engines, then on to farm tractors and later buying a steam tractor.

But even with all this equipment in my collection, I wanted something different to show at farm shows. After my grandfather passed away I spent my time going to school, working and dating, while the Wisconsin spent its time in my basement collecting dust.

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