Methods of accommodating cultural diversity in the workplace

You also need to consider different cultural views of disability and care of family members with a disability, putting the person before the disability, and facilities for people with a disability. You need to be aware that some cultural groups have quite definite views on the opposite sex providing services to individuals.

Work practices may need to be adapted to allow for different cultural views and protocols governing interaction and physical contact with the opposite gender.

If not, develop a hiring strategy to increase workforce diversity.

Talk to local organizations with community connections, including churches, cultural institutions and colleges. You can also enlist help from nonprofits like the Urban League, the National Council of La Raza or from websites like that offer searchable channels of minority job hunters.

Diversity consists of all the different factors that make up an individual, including age, gender, culture, religion, personality, social status and sexual orientation.

Cultural diversity (also known as multiculturalism) is a group of diverse individuals from different cultures or societies.

Dominant religion may regard other religions as cults rather than official religions however people of any religion have a right to respect.

The following points may assist you to become sensitive to different religious practices: You need to consider, for example, cultural views on the social significance of youth or age, and the specific needs of young people and elderly people.

Promoting workplace diversity has many bottom line benefits.But don’t limit yourself to local chapters or schools.If you have something to offer out-of-area workers, expand your search to other cities, states or countries. Ask employees for referrals, since they will have peers in the industry or know qualified candidates who may be looking for work.A cultural frame of reference is the way people from the same cultural group see their world; it is their world view.An essential part of the functioning of a team is being aware of cultural practices and/or differences and using effective communication techniques to further understanding.

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It can also be very challenging on occasion when their beliefs and attitudes are very different from your own.

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