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For example, if I like pizza, surfing, and kittens, and Maria likes pizza, surfing and kittens then BOOM!We’re going to get married, have kids, and be IN LOVE FOREVER!!! It simply means that maybe Maria and I want to meet up some evening to have a drink, and well, keep chatting 😉 But let’s not forget, the ULearn Speed Dating evening is just about having fun; speak to as many guys and girls as you can, make use of your new speaking skills, have some wine – and have some fun! The ULearn Speed Dating event takes place this Thursday 13th Feb, at 6pm in classroom 3.Despite this, Sally also knows she'll never find love if she doesn't put herself out there, so when Neeta finds out that an LGBT speed dating event is being held at Nightingale's, she reluctantly agrees to go.These brand new spoiler pictures show Neeta getting Sally ready for the big night ahead, but it's soon time for Sally to go solo as she gets to know the other attendees.

Female tickets are all sold out so LADS, what are you waiting for?

fans could see Sally St Claire get a new love interest next week as she reluctantly takes part in a speed dating night at the local restaurant.

Sally (Annie Wallace) has been single throughout her whole time in the village and it's clear that she wants something more in her life when she looks through a lonely hearts column.

During that 5 minutes each student has a card on which they can write some details about the person they’re talking to.

After about 1 hour the organiser collects all the cards and checks which 2 people have the most amount of information in common.

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